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An interview with An Jong Hyuk, founder of Frizmworks

An interview with An Jong Hyuk, founder of Frizmworks

This season, The Great Divide are overjoyed to welcome FRIZMWORKS to our brand roster. Designed and crafted in Korea, the brand commits itself to producing garments that are bursting with detail and fine quality, without compromising on price. With a slogan of "100% Satisfaction", the brand couldn't be more true to its word. 

Being one of a very small handful of stockists in the world, we are absolutely ecstatic to have had the opportunity to sit down with the founder An Jong Hyuk (known as Jay) to discuss the brand in further detail.  


TGD: What’s the story of the brand so far and how did the brand begin?
Jay: FrizmWORKS started in the spring of 2010. It was a brand that I started with experience when I was a college student, but it wasn't a big brand. However, it has grown into an attractive and big brand for 11 years.
We are a brand that researches and designs various clothes and solves them with our own speciality. It is based on simplicity and offers the pleasure of finding various details. We want to make products with good quality, reasonable price, and cool design.

TGD: For Spring 21 the theme of the collection is "The Sunny Side of Life", what is the inspiration of the collection?
Jay: I prepared a collection thinking about the sunny side that I can feel in my life.
If the previous season focused on a strong mood, this spring's collection will take the weight off. I wanted to show a bright image that only FrizmWORKS can show.

TGD: For new customers of the brand, how would you describe the look of Frizmworks?
Jay: FrizmWORKS is designing products based on various clothes such as military and American casual. The most important thing is wearable. I think it's our role to keep the center not too deep and not too light.

TGD: Most European customers have not been to Korea. How would your home town and how does it inspire you to make clothing?
Jay: We are in a city called Anyang located in Korea. It is a city that has been around since childhood and has a different feeling from Seoul, the capital of Korea. Currently, most of our company's employees live here, and it's not far from Seoul, but I think it has its own characteristics.

TGD: What is your favourite piece of the Spring 21 collection?
Jay: Personally, I like jackets the most. It's the most difficult and difficult to make, so I feel the most proud when I finish the product.  My favourite is the Utility Mountain Parka this season. The product took a year from design to production, and it was produced very well this season




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