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Introducing Uniform Bridge

Introducing Uniform Bridge

Situated in Korea with a reputation that has since gathered a fair amount of attention worldwide, industry newcomers Uniform Bridge have landed at The Great Divide to present their contemporary vision and their minimalistic approach to vintage and military-inspired apparel. Clean cut and beautifully well-balanced, the brand addresses modern fashion with a refreshing glimpse of transparency, whilst their laid back style and humble persona strikes right at the core of high-end fashion influences. 

Aged at roughly five years old, Korean fashion brand Uniform Bridge are comparatively new to the scene yet their wealth of industrial experience and their clear-sighted knowledge of the market never ceases to falter. Transforming the natural character associated with archival military designs and combining it with classic outerwear, vintage-inspired silhouettes and a more subtle colour pallet Uniform Bridge brings a real air of sophistication in style to the table.

With an appreciation for technical detailing such as utility belts, extra storage pockets and exposed bungee cords, Uniform Bridge fuses workwear practicality with ultra-modern simplicity. Fuss-free designs such as their popular, blue-collar undertone M65 Pants are fitted with reinforced panellings to help promote a more rough-and-ready profiling, whilst season staples such as their Heavyweight Pocket Tee and Watch Pocket Sweatshirt bring to life their own unique interpretation of classic American military-wear.

Tones of khaki, grey and mahogany are paired with reformulated fabrics such as their enhanced-combed ‘Komasa’ yarn to deliver a lowered deformation when paired with leisurely wear. Honing in on details, quality and a commitment to functional practicality, Uniform Bridge is as rugged in its design style as it is in its aesthetic.

Loyal to its outdoor-ready ethos and its persuit of exploration, the brand has since had the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded industry legends such as  Marmot, with their Spring ‘20 collection similarly appearing in the April issue of Japanese outdoor lifestyle magazine "Go Out". Thanks to their all-round appeal and their untamed creativity, Uniform Bridge offers a well-rounded aesthetic that caters to pretty much everybody with an eye for fashion. Further collaborations with surfwear company Maui & Sons, fellow Korean clothing brand Aging CCC and British shoe company Trickers, do nothing more than cement this claim, whilst their simplified and stripped-back modernisation of casualwear continues to drive them with an internationally admired recognition and a well-connected character to match.

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