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Joe is the Managing Director of Options Distribution and Pendleton enthusiast. After discovering the brand back in 2008, he has been to the mills on the Pacific Northwest many times and holds an unbelievable collection of blankets and coats.

Joe wears:

Jacket: Pendleton Brownsville Shearling Coat - Thomas Kay

Trousers: Dubbleware Double Knee Carpenter Pant - Tan

Shoes: Dubbleware Trail Boot - Mahogany

Cap: Poten Tweed Cap - Herringbone (coming soon)

You may know Chris as the face of our TGD lookbook shoots, but he is also an avid vintage collector.

Chris wears:

Scarf: Pendleton Jacquard Scarf - Rock Point

Shirt: Frizmworks Heavy Corduroy Shirt Jacket - Olive

Sweatshirt: Lady White Co 44” Fleece Sweatshirt - Clay Pink

Trousers: Uniform Bridge Easy Fatigue - Beige

Shoes: US Rubber Lot 006 - Ecru Suede

Aron is the king of denim. After founding Options Distribution back in 1989, he has worked with everyone from Adriano Goldschmied to Replay Jeans. He's been innovating trends for over 30 years and if anyone knows a thing or two about quality fabric, it is Aron - he is all about Dubbleware right now.

Aron wears:

Jacket: Dubbleware Nimes Jacket - Rainbow Selvedge

Trousers: Dubbleware Lyon Pant - Rainbow Selvedge

Shirt: Dubbleware Milton Flannel Shirt - Grey/Blue

Shoes: Dubbleware Lineman Boots - Black

As a retailer, we have been specialising in menswear products - but this doesn't mean to say it is only for men. Bella has worked in menswear PR for years and now working on Dubbleware womens. Keep your eye out.

Bella wears:

Hat: Poten FukiKinbai Cap - Beige (coming soon)

Sweater: Knickerbocker Heavy Rib Cotton Zipneck Sweater - Red

Jacket: Frizmworks Grizzly Warm Up Jacket - Ivory

Trousers: Dubbleware Womens Avignon Carpenter Pant - Rust Corduroy

Shoes: US Rubber Lot 006 - Ecru Suede

A good friend of The Great Divide and head salesman for Filson, Simone is an advocate for everything and anything heritage.

Simone wears:

Hat: Filson Ballard Watch Cap - Hemlock

Coat: Filson Lined Wool Packer Coat - Black / Rust

Sweatshirt: Camber 232 Cross Knit 12oz Pullover -Grey (coming soon)

Pants: Uniform Bridge M65 Balloon Pants - Beige

Shoes: Dubbleware Moc Shoe - Saddle Tan

Someone who knows how to put together an effortless look is fashion editor at Clash Magazine and celebrity stylist, Harry. Frizmworks enthusiast, apparently.

Harry wears:

Hat: Pendleton Trapper Hat - Grand Mesa

Jacket: Frizmworks M65 Field Liner - Orange

Sweatshirt: Frizmworks Collar Half Zip Sweatshirt - Grey

Pants: Frizmworks Piping Sweatpants - Black

Shoes: US Rubber Military High Top - White

No one knows layering like Jordan. It shows in his work as a stylist and his everyday style, he's been wearing oversized Korean and Japanese brands for years and appreciates the craftsmanship of every detail.

Jordan wears:

Hat: Snow Peak FR 2L Flight Cap

Sweatshirt: Lady White Co 1/4 Zip Pocket Sweatshirt - Deep Cement

Vest: Frizmworks Mountain Padding Vest - Black

Jacket: Uniform Bridge Quilted Liner Jacket - Black

Trousers: Uniform Bridge M65 Balloon Pants - Black

Shoes: US Rubber Military Felt Chukka - Black

Stylist and the person who brings our TGD shoots together. Ultimate menswear and womenswear muse, Sophie has a special eye for beautiful, out of the ordinary products. She makes menswear on women so powerful.

Sophie wears:

Scarf: Pendleton Bandana - Rock Point

Shirt: Frizmworks Bold Stripe Rugby Tee - Ivory / Navy

Pants: Frizmworks Corduroy Balloon Pants - Beige

Shoes: US Rubber Military Low Top - Slate Grey

A good friend and overly talented photographer, Adam is the genius behind all our lookbook shoots. 

Adam wears:

Jacket: Uniform Bridge Royal Navy Smock Anorak - Black

Pants: Uniform Bridge Multi Pocket Pants - Charcoal

Shoes: US Rubber Military High Top - White

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