Rain Session and Interview

Posted by Jim Phillips on March 15, 2016

Premiering exclusively here at The Great Divide, we have fuzzy pop upstarts Rain presenting their 'Live at the Lab' session. Rain's debut EP 'Symphony Pains' was recently released on Close to Home Records and has garnered acclaim from fans new and old, and critics alike. We caught up with Rain after their session to chat to them about the new record, the resurgence of Shoegaze and the presence of fashion in the alternative music scene. Watch the session and read the interview exclusively below.


Hi Rain, can you introduce yourselves and the band?

Hi, we're Rain from Swindon. The members of the band are Harry, Cam, James, Rhys and I (Jonah).


We’re premiering the session here at The Great Divide. How did the session come about, what can we expect and what are your thoughts now watching it back?

We had been toying with the idea of getting some footage of us performing live out, so we decided that a live session would be a perfect opportunity to showcase this.


We hear that the band and the record came together at short notice. Can you explain the situation around recording ‘Symphony Pains’?

When the band started we only really wanted to have some fun and play around with some ideas we each had. When we realised that we may have songs strong enough to play live we jumped at the chance and decided that recording an EP would also be good idea. Nothing was really planned and we just went with our gut feelings throughout the start up process


The reaction to ‘Symphony Pains' has been great with rave reviews from publications like DIYmag and Stereogum. Did you ever expect this kind of reaction?

We're incredibly flattered by all of the kind words that have been spoken about the record. We hoped for people to like it but never imagined a reaction as positive as the one we have received so far.


The record has gathered comparisons to stalwarts of the genre like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. When did you guys first get into “shoegaze”?

I personally have been raised around "shoegaze" bands my whole life and we collectively all share music all of the time so it's hard to pin point the exact time. I do remember wanting to start a shoegaze band with our guitarist Rhys when we were 13 or so.


Shoegaze as a genre is going through quite the resurgence lately. Are there any bands you’d recommend we should be listening to? I think there are a load of great bands around at the moment, not strictly just shoegaze bands. We've been listening to a lot of stuff by Jaws, Simmer, INHEAVEN and Eagulls. We've had the pleasure to play alongside INHEAVEN and Simmer and they are definitely worth catching live.


You’ve already got two new songs written which you’ve been playing at your recent live shows. What are the plans for future Rain releases?

We're looking at playing a lot of shows throughout the summer and continue writing new material. The new songs that we play live have been recorded and should hopefully available sometime in the summer.


Swindon isn’t exactly known for being a musical hotbed. Is this something that you take as a positive or a negative for the band?

Although there isn't a specific scene in Swindon as such, there is a great communal spirit with the bands that are local. All of the bands get along and help support the others along the way.


Fashion and the alternative music scene have always gone hand-in-hand. How would you guys describe your personal style?

Throughout the band we have more or less similar but different personal styles. It's hard to really describe how we dress but we aren't the sort of band who don't care about their look.


Finally, what’s your most coveted item from The Great Divide?

At the moment I definitely have my eye on the Elvine Julian Jacket.


Thanks for your time guys, any final words?

Thanks you guys. Be sure to come and see us this year. All our news is on our Facebook page - /rainisaband