Classic Skate Part - Louie Barletta - Man Down

Posted by Alex Bohea on November 18, 2013

A new series on the Life At It’s Best blog is entitled ‘Classic Skate Part’ and it does just what it says on the tin. Every other week we’ll be bringing you a part in a skate video we think deserves the ‘classic’ title. Be it from twenty years ago or the present day, a good part in a skate video is an untouchable quality and few make the rank. Watching skater upon skater try, try, nearly kill themselves, try again and then land it just for our entertainment is always appreciated but it takes something a little bit special for a part to stick around, and be viewed over and over again.

The first in this series comes from my all-time favourite skater, Louie Barletta. Louie has something that you cannot buy, or even train yourself to do on a skateboard, and that is having a unique style. Backed by countless other creative skaters on the Enjoi label, Louie still remains the stand-out star and one that represents the true essence of skateboarding, fun. His personality transfers perfectly into his skateboarding and this part from one of the all time greats, Tilt Mode Man Down, encapsulates his mad-cap style and the ooze of creativity that flows from him. From sketchy wallrides to boneless rotations off a tree, Louie is someone I’ll never get bored of watching. Check out his part from Tilt Mode Man Down, soundtracked to A-Ha's 'Take on Me' and try and spot the fresh faced Jerry Hsu while you’re at it.



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