Classic Skate Part - Ed Templeton

Posted by Alex Bohea on December 02, 2013

A new series on the Life At It’s Best blog is entitled ‘Classic Skate Part’ and it does just what it says on the tin. Every other week we’ll be bringing you a part in a skate video we think deserves the ‘classic’ title. Be it from twenty years ago or the present day, a good part in a skate video is an untouchable quality and few make the rank. Watching skater upon skater try, try, nearly kill themselves, try again and then land it just for our entertainment is always appreciated but it takes something a little bit special for a part to stick around, and be viewed over and over again.


The second part in this series comes from Ed Templeton, the man behind Toy Machine and many a great piece of contemporary art. This part, from Emerica’s 2002 video This is Skateboarding, is probably his best. With a guy like Templeton, you know every part he’s filmed has been pretty much amazing, but this one takes the biscuit. This is two minutes and forty seconds of grinds galore. Rails, ledges, sketchy little street obstacles; you name it and Ed grinds and slides it, in any way possible too. The part is technical heaven, with bluntslides, boardslides and sit down slides abundant, all done in Ed’s flawlessly fast yet clean style. For a true schooling on ledges and handrails, check the video above.

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