Classic Skate Part - Gou Miyagi - Video Nasty

Posted by Alex Bohea on December 16, 2013

A new series on the Life At It’s Best blog is entitled ‘Classic Skate Part’ and it does just what it says on the tin. Every other week we’ll be bringing you a part in a skate video we think deserves the ‘classic’ title. Be it from twenty years ago or the present day, a good part in a skate video is an untouchable quality and few make the rank. Watching skater upon skater try, try, nearly kill themselves, try again and then land it just for our entertainment is always appreciated but it takes something a little bit special for a part to stick around, and be viewed over and over again.

Today we take a look at a future classic from the newly released ‘Video Nasty’ by Heroin Skateboards. This part features Gou Miyagi who is an incredibly creative skater from Okinawa in Japan and has been around in the scene for over 15 years, donating many a part to the blossoming Eastern scene. I’m sure if you take one look at the video, you’ll see why there is a great amount of hype surrounding Gou lately. Gou wanted to film a part with no ollies, and he has achieved just that. Using a mixture of what some would label ‘parkour’ and others ‘dork tricks’, Gou updates the careless and free style of most laid-back skaters by using all of his surroundings and body parts. From sliding on his back down a slide in a kid’s park with skateboard in tow to Boneless-ing up a whole set of stairs, this is one of the most creative parts I’ve seen in recent memory and deserves the ‘future classic’ title.


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