New Music Tuesday: 2013 Recap

Posted by Alex Bohea on January 07, 2014

A weekly feature here at The Great Divide Blog is our New Music Tuesday; introducing you to an artist or band you may not have heard of. We can’t guarantee that you won’t have heard of them, but if that’s the case, it might give you a little reminder to revisit them sometime soon.

This week we’re recapping the past year of New Music Tuesday. Sixteen profiles passed by last year looking at some of the most exciting bands around today and if 2013 is anything to go by, I’m incredibly excited for what this year holds for our previously featured artists. From psychedelic rock to upbeat house to old school emo, New Music Tuesday attempted to dig out some bands you may not have heard of and bring them into your conscious. Check out our recap and highlights below with a handy guide to what you can expect in the new year from these artists.

Our first ever New Music Tuesday profiled Brum-outfit JAWS who have made major waves in the scene.
In 2014: JAWS have just released a cover of Foo Fighters’ Everlong and will be on tour in the UK in January.

Palace - READ
Young garage-house DJ Palace from Essex is killing it with new releases on the Unknown to the Unknown label.
In 2014: Expect more live sets, mixes and releases. It’s going to be a big year for Sam.

The Winter Passing – READ
The Winter Passing is a fantastic Irish band making pop punk and emo jams.
In 2014: The band will hopefully be releasing some new material this year.

“In short, there are a lot of bands trying to compete with this sound at the moment. Grunge and especially it’s lo-fi, garage elements are becoming popular again. There are honestly few bands getting it right, but luckily I believe you can count of Sneeze to give you a modern interpretation of the 90’s throwback.”
In 2014: A new album will be coming out on Glory Kids Records.

Courts - READ
‘Sporting an addictively funky sound, almost a mixture Red Hot Chilli Peppers-esque without the cheese and Foals without the ambience’, the boys from Basildon are still defining their own sound.
In 2014: The Essex boys are currently working on writing a full-length.

Chain of Flowers - READ
TGD: If you could give a reason why someone should check out the band, what would it be?
Because you're not going to get a carbon copy rehash of something else.’
In 2014: Their ‘Arches Sessions’ tape is out now and they will be playing three shows at the end of January.

“Though they dabble in the emo scene, with fairly clear influences to the early millennium scream sound, Plaids are punk in all other senses. With short and to-the-point songs that draw you in and then throw you away, the youthful crew are on their way to mastering the pissed off yet refined.”
In 2014: Expect another flurry of releases.

Cardinal - READ
Timing is the crucial ingredient in this type of environment, and whether he’s playing an early warm-up set or in full part bangers mode past midnight, he doesn’t miss a trick.”
In 2014: Catch Cardinal at his own night, Joy Fantastic and his residency at Kool Kids Klub over the next year as well as a host of other nights.


The Physics House BandREAD
Dancing around their influences, the band strikes comparisons from all of the major early era’s of music, especially the hazy 60’s and 70’s, and combines them with full force math-rock for a full lobe assault.”
In 2014: Going on a UK and European tour with LITE, and writing new material.

The #1’sREAD
“We’ve been jamming to this band in the office at every opportunity lately, especially their song ‘Sharon Shouldn’t’, an incredibly catchy lo-fi masterpiece with a fantastic video to match.”
In 2014: Expect more gigs from the boys.

Eyedress – READ
“Thanks to this EP and the incredibly haunting music video for ‘Nature Trips’, the Philippines is about to gain a new Western celebrity and as Idris puts it himself – he wants to be the second coolest person to come out of the country behind Manny Pacquiao.”
In 2014: More hauntingly good jams from the Eyedress.

“…formed as a bit of a supergroup featuring members Evan Weiss from Into It Over It, Matthew Frank from Loose Lips Sink Ships and king of all the emo Mike Kinsella who you’ll know as Owen and previously American Football, Cap’n Jazz and Owls. With such a strong line-up, you know this is going to be good.”
In 2014: The ‘Analog Weekend’ EP has just been released on Topshelf and Polyvinyl records.


Wild Combination - READ
“Depeche Mode, Steve Reich & Kraftwerk, the gig would be in Berlin at Berghain so we could all party until 12pm the next day or we lost our minds - whatever came first.”
In 2014: After a little hiatus with two members departing the band, they are working on releasing a new EP.

“The sullen, atmospheric lighting and five guys dressed in leathers, floral prints and turtle necks was the perfect introduction to the band that blends styles of psychedelic rock, krautrock and post-punk together in a moody mash.”
In 2014: Their new album, ‘Join the Dots’, is out now.

Two Knights - READ
“Self-monikered ‘crybabies from Texas’, they sound like a mixture of all your favourite CYLS with a bit of mathy punk thrown in for good measure which is sure to please any fan of that style.”
In 2014: New music and more gigs from the Texans.

Modern Charms - READ
With the backing of guitar tones from a galactic bliss and sounds from a distortion wonderland, the band instantly stuck me on their 90’s influenced rhythms.”
In 2014: Fingers crossed for some more music from Modern Charms.

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