Field Notes at The Great Divide

Posted by Alex Bohea on January 10, 2014

“I’m not writing to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.” Field Notes have sent us some beautiful notebooks and accessories for you to get your hands on. We have four limited edition packs, including the all-weather ‘Expedition’ pack, the picturesque ‘America the Beautiful’ pack and our personal favourite, the ‘Drink Local’ pack coming in either the ale or lager varieties and complete with beer coaster! Celebrating all that is important in America are the ‘County Fair’ editions, which highlight individual states and come in the vibrant county fair ribbon colours. We also have the staples in plenty stock such as the mixed paper pack, the ruled paper pack and the ever-popular ‘Pitch Black’ pack as well as packs of six pencils for you to jot your notes down. Let Field Notes help you out and never forget that phone number, address or more importantly, brand of beer ever again!

Check out Field Notes slick video for their Drink Local pack below. We apologise in advance if you're having a dry January!

Field Notes: Drink Local Edition from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.


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