Posted by Lee Goldup on February 07, 2014

Eagulls remain a band on steady rotation at TGD HQ as we look forward to their debut LP which is due out next month. You may well have spotted the video for 'Tough Love' that we posted back in December.

In anticipation of the coming record we figured we'd post some other stuff that they've done.

Here's the rather creepy video for single 'Nerve Endings' which features a big brain filmed at high speed as it decomposes and is eventually devoured by maggots. Apparently during the making of the video the police got involved as they thought something untoward was happening. Check it out: 

Last month they performed on the David Letterman Show over the US 

Finally here's a video for track 'Moulting' from their 2012 self-titled EP put out by SEXBEAT.

You can pre-order the forthcoming LP HERE

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