Know Your Ebbets - A History of Ebbets Teams II

Posted by Alex Bohea on March 25, 2014

Returning to the Great Divide Store are the excellent Ebbets Field Flannels caps who produce faithful replications of vintage years in baseball’s illustrious history and representations of many forgotten teams. Their legacy of ‘realness’ stretches back to 1989 and every cap is lovingly made 100% in America with hand-stitched quality. From the New York Black Yankees playing in the Negro National League to the Pacific Coast League Los Angeles Angels, Ebbets focuses on the past days of the sport. Take five minutes to receive a little education on the history behind the teams on the caps and then head over to the store to shop Ebbets.

Team: Seattle Rainiers
Location: Seattle,
Cap Year: 1939
Known previously as the Seattle Indians and the Seattle Clamdiggers, 1939 marked the first full year of play for the Seattle Rainiers after Emile Sick purchased the Seattle Indians a year before and renamed them after his brewery, as well as building the Sick’s Stadium. The “Suds”, as they were nicknamed, walked away with consecutive Pacific Coast League titles in 1939, 1940 and 1941. This was widely regarded as their most successful years before a few lean seasons ending in the sale of the team to the Boston Red Sox in 1960. They were then sold to the Los Angeles Angels who renamed the team the Seattle Angels by which they were known during their last four seasons. In their last year, 1968, the team finished in 8th place while Seattle was granted anexpansion team in the National League, who were to become the ill-fated Seattle Pilots. The Pilots lasted one year in Seattle before a bankruptcy court sold them and they were relocated to Milwaukee.

Team: Brooklyn Bushwicks
Location: Brooklyn, New York City, USA
The Brooklyn Bushwicks were an independent, semi-pro baseball team that played its games almost totally in Dexter Park, Queens (New York) from 1917 to 1951. At the time, they were a unique team for fielding multi-ethnic rosters. Competing in mostly exhibition matches against Negro League, minor league and semi-pro teams, the Bushwicks were owned by Max Rosner who hired many former major league talents to play for the team including Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth and Hank Greenberg.

Team: Los Angeles Angels (PCL)
Location: Los Angeles, California
Cap Year: 1954
The Los Angeles Angels were a team based in the Los Angeles region of California that played in the Pacific Coast League from 1903 through to 1957. After this, they transferred to Spokane, Washington to become the Spokane Indians. Los Angeles would later become the host city for a Major League Baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, in 1958 after the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles. This move rendered the Pacific Coast League obsolete and it would eventually become a minor league affiliate of the MLB. The Los Angeles Angels were a mainstay of the PLC and won the pennant a total of 12 times.

Team: New York Black Yankees
Location: Rochester, New York City, USA

Cap Year: 1936

The New York Black Yankees were a team who played in the Negro National League from 1936-1948. Seen above is the cap from the 1936 season and was worn for only one season in the Negro National League after which the team opted to wear regular Yankees caps. The team played on grueling schedules, once playing a doubleheader 350 miles apart on successive days, leaving the team exhausted but still accomplishing victory in both games. Never fully achieving champion status, the team played its last season in 1948 and finished the last Negro National League season with a record of 8 wins and 32 losses.

Team: Atlanta Crackers
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Cap Year: 1939
The Atlanta Crackers were a minor league baseball team based in Atlanta, Georgia, between 1901 and 1965. Before the Atlanta Braves moved from Milwaukee in 1966, the Crackers were the official home team of Atlanta. For 60 years (until 1961), the Crackers were part of the Class AA Southern Association, a period during which they won more games than any other team, earning the nickname “Yankees of the Minors”. The 1939 was another vintage year for the team represented by this cap.

Team: Homestead Grays
Location: Homestead, Pennsylvania, USA
Cap Year: 1931
The Homestead Grays (also known as the Washington Grays) were a professional baseball team that played in the Negro leagues. The team formed in 1912 and remained active for 38 seasons. Originally based in Pennsylvania, the increasing popularity in the 1920’s Pittsburgh region meant they crossed the river to play there. This cap commemorates their sterling 1931 season in which they won the league for the first time in the team’s history, which was followed by at least ten other titles. They disbanded in 1950 following the collapse of the Negro league.

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