New Music Tuesday 25 - Nothing

Posted by Alex Bohea on April 01, 2014

A weekly feature here at The Great Divide Blog is our New Music Tuesday; introducing you to an artist or band you may not have heard of. We can’t guarantee that you won’t have heard of them, but if that’s the case, it might give you a little reminder to revisit them sometime soon. (p.s. we just hit a quarter century!)

We take a trip over the pond this week to look at a band who’s new album has just been released on the always excellent Relapse Records, Nothing. This release is a little strange for Relapse as it’s not so much ear blistering in it's traditional ways but more as beautifully crafted dreamy metal/lo-fi/shoegaze/noise/whatever goodness. But let’s not mention that, as the band weren’t very happy with a recent review on Pitchfork sort of discussing the same thing. Fellow band Whirr, who the band are releasing a split EP with later this year, got involved and it was all a good read, a little Google searching will help you find it.

Anyway, back to Nothing. The bottom line is, whatever this is classed as genre-wise, it’s pretty much amazing. Since the new record, Guilty of Everything, came out I’ve rarely stopped listening to it other than to listen to the new Hotelier album, which is in the same caliber of awesome-ness. The founder of Nothing is Dominic Palmero who used to play in the short-lived but much loved hardcore band Horror Show. While they have very little relation to Horror Show, they were also a very good band, so you know you’re in safe hands. So check out a track from the “Guilty of Everything” album below for some great dreamy, noisy and all together hazy sounds.


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