Warpaint - Disco//Very - Keep It Healthy (Video)

Posted by Lee Goldup on April 07, 2014

New video from Warpaint for songs 'Disco//Very' & 'Keep It Healthy' which are two of the stand out tracks from their recent self titled album. The double-video which was directed by Laban Pheidias features the girls fooling around and dancing in the street, as pro-skaters pop tricks in the background.

The video features skateboarding from Chocolate pro Justin Eldridge throughout, who is later joined by Patrick Melcher, Kris Markovich, Rob Smith, Laban Pheidias and Victor Zanoni. 

Pheidias, who has directed videos previously for the likes of Justin Timberlake was a professional skateboarder before he moved into directing. “These Warpaint videos are extra special to me for multiple reasons and not just because the girls are super rad and fun to work with. Having been a professional skateboarder for many years I’ve really been wanting to incorporate skateboarding into a music video. So, when this project was presented to me with skateboarding already in the concept, I was of course psyched.”  

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