New Music Tuesday 26 - The New Tusk

Posted by Alex Bohea on April 15, 2014

A weekly feature here at The Great Divide Blog is our New Music Tuesday; introducing you to an artist or band you may not have heard of. We can’t guarantee that you won’t have heard of them, but if that’s the case, it might give you a little reminder to revisit them sometime soon.

The New Tusk are a relatively new indie punk band coming to you from the isles of Jersey via Brighton and London. With their first release, “Tropical”, gaining some very positive reception, the boys are gearing up to release their forthcoming EP “Mine to Breathe” on the very good Footloose Records. The band aren’t trying to hide the fact that they’re not strictly breaking new ground and are quite happy to announce that they’re ripping off all your favourite bands. A little pessimistic on their part, I think. The New Tusk are attempting to change the game by bringing you a healthy dose of part early Asian Man Records/part Archers of Loaf/part gruff and varied vocals, and it’s pretty much working.

We spoke to Max from the band to find out a little more about their background, the new EP “Mine to Breathe” and the Brighton scene. Check it out below.

TGD: Hey guys, can you introduce yourself and give us a little history on The New Tusk?
We're a 3-piece indie punk band from Jersey via Brighton/London. Seb needed a topic for a uni project about 6 months ago. I (Max) already had a few song written that weren't suitable for other bands I was in, got Nick involved and it all just fell into place and started moving pretty quickly!

TGD: For those who haven’t heard you before, how would you describe your sound?
Low fidelity short attention span punk rock.

TGD: You meet with a record A&R and they want the band’s Unique Selling Proposition. What would it be?
Musically, it'd probably be something to do with the length/structure of the songs. Absolutely no time to get bored of anything. Aesthetically, probably Sebs hair, I mean have you seen it? It's marvellous!

TGD: ‘Mine to Breathe’ is coming out soon on Footloose Records. How did you start working with those guys?
Close to Home released our debut release, “Tropical”, on cassette tape and that got a pretty good response. Adam at Footloose asked to use our track “A Boxer Broke My Best Friend's Jaw” on a compilation, after that he asked how we were putting out our next release and with nothing set on stone he offered to put it out through Footloose!

TGD: You can currently listen to ‘Buffer’ on Bandcamp as a little preview of the record, why did you decide to use this song as a taster?
Basically because it's the song with most choruses on the release, we thought people would remember it, plus a few people who have already heard the EP have said it's one of favourites.

TGD: The Brighton scene is notably awesome for good bands new and old. Who are you currently digging?
There are absolutely tonnes. Richa, who we've played with a bunch, recently put out an EP that is probably the best thing I've heard this year. Broadbay are amazing, we're lucky enough to be doing a short run of dates with those guys at the start of May. We played with a band called Muskets recently that blew us away, if you're into Title Fight and Basement type stuff check them out for sure. If you're into the heavier side of things there's a band called Blind Eye Fury who are absolutely insane!

TGD: You’re playing Great Escape Festival, which was a favourite during my time in Brighton with Sky Larkin, Rolo Tomassi and Tellison. What are your personal highlights of the festival past and present?
I have been to the festival for the past few years and I love it. I used to pay for a ticket but more recently I've just been doing the free all-dayers at the Pavillion Tavern. A few years ago Eagulls and DZ Deathrays played on the pier, which was sick. Also, Gnarwolves last year at the BSM vs. Alcopop show was proper nuts!

TGD: Any other bands you think we should be listening to?
The latest releases from Nai Harvest and Playlounge are killer, but I'm sure you don't need to be told that. Noyo Mathis are playing the dates we've got with Broadbay, they're incredible. Also, the new Walleater EP that's streaming is massive! People should check out a band from the states called Aviator, some seriously good post-hardcore.

TGD: Thanks for the interview guys. Any last words?
Thanks for the interest! Hopefully see some new faces at a show soon!

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