Seinfeld Wears The Great Divide

Posted by Alex Bohea on April 25, 2014

Seinfeld was the greatest sitcom ever to air. We all know it and there’s not much point in arguing about it. The pure innovation that came from the show; the comedy styling, the sitcom tropes and the scenarios are unmatched by a show since. A great yet underrated part of the series is the fashion. Jerry, Kramer, Elaine et al have been outstyling those on the silver screen since day one. A classic representation of New York fashion, the show featured outfits commonplace in today’s society. From suede jackets to Oxford shirts to wide cut chinos, it can all be seen in Seinfeld. To celebrate just how good they were, check out the gang wearing various pieces from the Spring/Summer 14 season at The Great Divide.

George wears Notch 'Kensington' Shirt.

Lazer Guy wears Garbstore Indigo Farm 'Judo' Jacket.

George and Jerry wear Levi's Vintage Clothing '1978 501 Big Jack' Jeans.

Kramer wears Universal Works 'Ikat Classic Shirt'.

Jerry dunks Ebbets Field Flannels 'New York Black Yankees' Leather Strap Cap.

Kramer wears Hentsch Man 'Station Steve' Shirt.

Kramer poses in Bass Weejuns 'Larson' Loafers.

Jerry wears Our Legacy 'Classic Zip Shirt'.

Jerry wears William Fox & Sons 'Classic Chino'.

George wears Carhartt 'Martin' Coat.

Jerry runs in Orsman 'EMB Zip Hoody'.

George wears Gant Rugger 'Windblown Oxford HOBD' Shirt.

Newman wears Baracuta G4 McQueen Jacket (coming soon).


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