Autumn Looks: Fig.1

Posted by Lee Goldup on September 14, 2014

Here at TGD we have a thirst for knowledge, not only are we on a constant quest to bring you the greatest garb we also love a good text book and learning to become the learned, kind of like Kane from Kung Fu ...

So in honour of our unquenchable thirst and the school teachers of the eighties who were our mentors of seeking more knowledge (who would also spin round, scream "silence diesel head" and bounce board erasers off our Brylcreem addled barnets) we are launching our new selection of product based seasonal outfits in the style of a classic textbook ... Think Queensbury rules stances in a military guide to milling and you will get our vibe ...

So welcome to the first chapter of our text book inspired look book simply entitled Fig.1 and be prepared to follow us all the way to the year Fig.1000 ...

Click each look to shop the items

Class dismissed.

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