Photography by Roger Steffens

Posted by Ollie Irwin on February 03, 2015

Roger Steffens is a New York born actor, writer, photographer, radio DJ - and is regarded as one of the world’s experts on Bob Marley and the Wailers. It was during his time in the war that his 50-year relationship with the camera began, after he was told to photograph all of his assignments. Over the years Steffens has captured pivotal moments in American History from the Vietnam War to the freewheeling hippie lifestyle.
However it was not until recently that these photographs have been released to the public. Steffens' children, Devon and Kate, realised that there was more to these photographs than just family memories, and in 2013 set up an Instagram account titled The Family Acid, which has now lead to a book deal.

The Family Acid will be available for pre-order from February 6th.

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