Only fools and Sailors - The Effortless Cool of Armor Lux

Posted by Nicolas Payne-Baader on April 24, 2015

Founded in 1928 Armor Lux started life as an underwear manufacturer but it was the advent of the Second World War that caused them (fortunately) to shift away from hosiery and to focus on the increased demand for maritime Breton shirts and sweaters. Since then they have never looked back and their perfectly cut, luxuriously made Breton shirts have become a staple of the casual wardrobe ever since. 

The Breton has been worn by almost every style icon one can think of, it's relaxed cool adopted by James Dean, Jean Paul Belmondo, Picasso and many more. It's a classic that really needs to be in one's wardrobe. Many men have a reasonable claim to wearing them best but when they were Famously worn by style icon and epitome of francophone cool Jean Paul Belmondo in Goddard's absurd and touching film Pierrote Le fou (Pierrote the Fool). Having decamped to the most idyllic of islands Pierrote and his turgid lover played by Anna Karina, who also intermittently dons a Breton lazes around, argues, goes fishing and argues some more all in his Breton shirt confirming their status as the ultimate laid back summer piece and definitely contributed to the cartoon vision of every Frenchman in a striped shirt.

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