Bass - Come as you want

Posted by Nicolas Payne-Baader on May 01, 2015

The Bass Weejun loafer is arguably the most widely worn, iconic shoe that America has ever produced. Originally based on a Norwegian fisherman's shoe it is a simple, cool and effective shoe. Worn by everyone from average american school kids to Teddy boys to Ivy leaguers it is difficult to put one's finger on what exactly it is that makes Bass cool. The affordability is probably an element, the fact that they came up with the beef rolled penny loafer before anyone else helps but really its just a shoe to turn up in, to look good in and that you can wear into the ground.

In light of this Bass Weejun enlisted Barry Kamen, legendary stylist and one of the originators of Buffalo Style to make a look book shot in his studio, we think it encapsulates a lot of what Bass is about which is mostly being about wearing things how you want.

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