Los Barbudos - Ebbets Field Flannel

Posted by Nicolas Payne-Baader on May 06, 2015


Los Barbudos were more than a baseball team, they were the baseball team founded by the Cuban Revolutionaries. The term originally meant bearded men which Castro, Guevarra and Cienfuegos certainly were after the months in the jungle on the way to Havana. The baseball team was both a thing of pride and almost mythology, partly started due to the trade embargo placed on Cuba by The USA meaning no american team could visit Cuba but also as a cultural challenge to the west and an outward, proud sign of independence especially after years and years of Cuba losing all their top talent to the american leagues.


Founded In Seattle in 1988 Ebbets Field Flannel set out with one, fairly straightforward remit: to reproduce the quality baseball gear of yesteryear. With a special interest in lesser known teams and leagues an even reproducing the kits of fictional teams it is no surprise the Ebbets came to make the Barbudos Cap.



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