Universal Works SS16 'Not Another Catwalk' Presentation

Posted by Lee Goldup on June 14, 2015

On Friday we headed down to London Mens Collection to check out the Universal Works SS16 Presentation at St. George’s church in Bloomsbury. Having absolutely loved the AW15 presentation back in January we had high hopes this one would be equally as good and boy was that the case. 

The presentation titled 'Not Another Catwalk' sees Universal Works partner up with Nottingham based filmmaker and animator Allan Buxton to present a glorious stop-motion animation, showcasing pieces from the collection. The 4 minute long film played on loop throughout show models slide, skip and dance across the screen before being blown away by a giant fan. The final scene shows designer David Keyte fly across the screen on a rocket fuelled back-pack as he humorously waves goodbye.

As if the stop motion piece wasn't good enough, their is some fantastic stuff to be seen in this collection from this quality British brand.  

Check out some images below:

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