The Relentless Pursuit - Yoji Tokuyoshi (a film by Red Wing)

Posted by Lee Goldup on July 08, 2015

This is the first story in a series of films where Red Wing take a look at the passions and interests of people who are long standing wearers of Red Wing boots. The first film focuses on Yoji Tokuyoshi who traveled to Italy from Japan as an aspiring young chef, he had no idea he would end up staying and opening his own restaurant after 10 years at the famed Osteria Francescana.

The Relentless Pursuit | Yoji Tokuyoshi from Red Wing Heritage on Vimeo.

Today, Yoji continues to forge that path as he blends Italian and Japanese culture, food, and craftsmanship to create dishes that are truly authentic to this vision at his new restaurant, called Tokuyoshi, in Milan. It is here that his passion for quality and hard work continues to grow.

Since 1905 Red Wing have been producing some of the finest boots in the world, from the finest leathers and materials, using some finest craftsmen. Red Wing’s Heritage collection continues to build upon a legacy of USA-made excellence so the boots built tomorrow are as enduring as the boots built 100 years ago.

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