In Defence of the Varial Flip: A Convert's Tale

Normally lists are an exercise in journalistic laziness - but this article is anything but. I've been mulling over the demise of the varial flip for a few days and thought it'd be make a half decent post. Sidewalk used to do something similar a few years ago and it always used to be one of my favourite reads. No doubt there will still be some notable omissions, so if there's someone glaringly obvious that I haven't featured get in touch!

Now the oft maligned varial flip is not a trick usually lauded for its stylishness, I used to physically wretch at seeing one. Attitudes to this misunderstood trick tend to go along the lines of 'why don't they just do a tre flip instead'. The fakie version has since been reformed by the likes of Gino, but the forward facing version hasn't received the same attention. There are however a few practitioners of the varial flip that manage to make it a stylish watch. The general rule seems to be if you have a good tre flip, you have a good varial flip (and thus I have neither). Also I'm writing this from London, so if you're sensing any bias towards Albion based rippers there's your explanation.

P.S. these are in no good order - only the order which they came to mind.

1. Nate Jones

If there's gonna be one person to convince me that iPath Grasshoppers are the height of cool then it's gonna be Nate Jones.

2. Rob Pluhowski

Another one of those best styles ever.

3. Joey Pepper

Raw power!

4. Tim O'Connor

One of the best practitioners of the switch variety as well.

5. Steph Morgan

Varial flips are often complimented well by a power claw, and Steph's crooked arm makes his varial flips among the best.

6. Brian Anderson

Probably the best varial flip of all time.

7. Danny Brady

Most likely my first exposure to good varial flips as this video was on repeat growing up skating my local curb.

8. Mark Baines

Definitely not the best example of a Baines varial flip but you know he has steezy ones

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