American Flyers - you need to know this film

Posted by Steve Monaghan on October 03, 2012

When i was but a youth and dreaming of being Greg Lemond and riding Reynolds 501 bikes (Raleigh Milk Race - google it, twas a white stallion) in the Northumbrian countryside i happened upon a movie on a VHS cassette on the dusty racks of our local 'video shoppe' that also masqueraded as a purveyor of cheap boxed wine and 'single tabs + polo + match' combo. It stated that it was about the HELL OF THE WEST cycling race and based on my fixation with cycling i was in ... I LOVED IT and i want you all to watch it FIND IT RENT IT TRANSFER THE FILE ONTO DVD - Also Kevin Costner looks like Billy Childish. And there is a pretty bad / good soundtrack a la St Elmos fire.

501, 531, 653, 753 go go go

This is Life at its Best

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