Through the Peephole

Posted by DK Woon on January 14, 2013

In the corner of Broadgate Square in my fair hometown of Coventry is the Godiva Clock. Stand in that corner and on the hour you will be party to Peeping Tom spying on Lady Godiva riding through Coventry buck ass nekkid. This hourly mechanism based on the well known tale of Lady Godiva was my very first exposure to the idea of voyeurism. Of course Tom was struck blind or killed for his actions. Luckily for us modern art allows us to partake in such tendencies without risking our retinas.

I'm telling you this because recently there's been a spate of interest in old Alfred Hitchcock. In the last year Hitch has been subject to two dramas based on his life. The voyeur to end all voyeurs in cinema. Whilst I haven't seen the two recent pieces on him, they did remind me of the work of Alex Prager. A photographer who I think you should all know about, especially those in London who had the chance to see her work at the Michael Hoppen Gallery last year.

To view more of her work click here - check out the Touch of Evil series of films as well.

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