Body & Sole Interview No. 2 – Glenn Kitson

Body and Sole talk to Stylist and some time Scribe and Publisher Glenn Kitson to converse briefly on a few pertinent points including allotments and De La Soul lyrics … after this eye know you'll love him better … good grief.

Glenn also put together a selection of choice cuts from the TGD Spring/Summer Collection which you can see below.

1. "everybody wants to be a dj everybody wants to be an emcee" - The immortal words of De La Soul are now applicable to the concept of 'styling' it seems - what separates a stylist from someone with a bag of clothes and a wealthy friend with a magazine?

Good question, I've no idea. I got into this via making the Rig Out, working with very good photographers and designers and as a result brands and agencies offered me commercial work. There's a lot more to what I do do than getting people dressed, I come up with concepts, marketing strategies, write treatments, narratives...all sorts of shit. Poncing around with clothes is about 20% of what I do.

I always think being called a stylist is a bit fruity anyway.

2. If you had the chance to direct a brand and were solely responsible for its longevity as of tomorrow - who would the it be?

I would like to bring Chipie back.


3. Are you ever tempted to start your own brand - a minds eye collection of garb under your guidance - if so whats it called? who buys it? who sells it ?

I do. I have an idea. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag. Aside from that, there's some interesting Rig Out collabs coming next year.

4. Ronnie Barker or Ronnie Corbett as a cup of coffee companion down the allotment?

Ronnie Barker all day. As long as he doesn't bring his son.




5. Where are you happiest - rummaging thru tumblr or a jumble sale in a community centre in the north west?

Jumble sale. I like clothes that smell of dead people. I don't understand tumblr.

6. Everyone is inspired by family kids and memories - what three things aside from the aforementioned float your boat and make you tick?

Music, football, culture.

7. Is the current generation a)misguided b)miseducated c) lazy?

None of the above. The kids are alright in my book. #nosavile






8. The most important brand of the past 30 years is?

Ralph Lauren.

9. The most important piece of music of the past 20 years is?

Francois K Essential mix

10. The most important decision you have made in the past 10 years?

Get clean.


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