Men At Work No. 1

Posted by Lee Goldup on May 31, 2013

As the astute TGD fan might have noticed we’ve got a little bit more to us than simply being clothes merchants. Every now and then we like to indulge ourselves with shoots, interviews and other such content. Men at Work will become an ongoing series of content that we’re producing. It’s a bit of a pseudo social study in how guys from different walks of life put together their clothes. The first of which is Ben who works in PR.

Now PR might be an industry that mystifies and confuses more than it clarifies. It’s not all a load of hot air though, and there are better practitioners of the dark arts of PR than others. Ben at Sane Communications is the best of the best, and he manages to be a truly dapper gent at the same time.

Ben is wearing: Tailor Jacket by Edwin, Tolga Shirt by Soulland and Classic Chinos by Our Legacy.

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