Art Shay: The Sporting Life and Times

Posted by Michael Olajide on June 13, 2013

Art Shay, who at 91 years of age, is a living legend and continues to put out work to this day grinding and shaping Americans history through the camera lens. Somewhat of a Forest Gump, Shay has been at the major events and captured great icons through some stunning imagery. This guy is pure inspiration with a catalogue to back it up.

A Bronx native who now resides in Deerfield, Ill., Shay has photographed seven U.S. Presidents and other major influencers of the 20th century including such notable sports figures as Mohammad Ali, Nelson Algren and Marlon Brando. In addition to his remarkable photography, Shay has published more than 70 books on various subjects. He has also written weekly columns for various newspapers and authored several plays.

Creative studio and agency Hanson Dodge got to spend a day with Art, and shot and edited this video as an introduction to an exhibit of his work at Hanson Dodge Creative in late June. For more information about the exhibit, visit

Art Shay: The Sporting Life and Times from Bradley Rochford on Vimeo.




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