Street Etiquette's "Slumflower"

Posted by Michael Olajide on September 16, 2013

Still in progress and in anticipation of the upcoming short film, “Slumflower” is a two part project by influential menswear collective Street Etiquette. Setting out with more in mind than the run-of-the-mill fashion editorial, Josh Kissi and Travis Gumbs use this form of art to spark a dialogue raising questions, targeting misconceptions and stereotypes by telling a narrative through visually empowering imagery.

Shot by Rog Walker, the backdrop of The Bronx setting plays perfect contrast to the aesthetic of the shoot as this helps juxtapose the grittiness of urban New York with the impeccable styling and class of the characters. Further helping to realise the narrative.

Peep the video below for a sneak peak of the film and some of the images I’ve been rattling on about. For the full editorial head over to the Slumflower site.


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