New Music Tuesday 03 - The Winter Passing

A new, weekly feature here at The Great Divide Blog is our New Music Tuesday; introducing you to an artist or band you may not have heard of. We can’t guarantee that you won’t have heard of them, but if that’s the case, it might give you a little reminder to revisit them sometime soon.

If you’re in the UK then you’ll have noticed that we’ve apparently been transported from summer into winter in the space of a few days. From the sunny weather to pouring rain, it’s also time for a transition in music tastes. As the days get shorter and the temperature colder, it’s time to bust out the darker stuff, some black metal, some emo, some post-rock. So, here’s a band I’ve been listening to through this transition and to be fair, throughout the whole of summer since I saw them about a year ago, The Winter Passing.

Emo from Ireland is a sentence that isn’t very common. Lucky for Ireland, it’s about to become all the more popular thanks to bands like The Winter Passing and Driveway. It’s a little difficult to compare TWP to other bands, which is obviously a good thing. Think of all the great emo and pop punk bands you used to listen to, add in some female vocals and then remember how stupid you were to stop listening to it. That’s what The Winter Passing will do to you. I suppose comparisons can be shown to Tigers Jaw, Dowsing, and bands on their label Guys With Beards Records, so if you like that sort of sound, you’ll love these guys.

Having seen them recently in Whitechapel with Moose Blood, my excitement for this band grew even more when they debuted some of their newer songs. The band are currently planning to record an album in the near future but for the mean time, check out their demo, and seven inch record which is out very soon. If I can recommend any song, it’s ‘Crooks’, which is so good that I have to listen to it a few times before listening through the rest of the demo. Remember, emo is a gang.

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