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Posted by Lee Goldup on October 06, 2013

Red Wing was founded in 1905 by Charles Beckman in Red Wing, Minnesota. Mr Beckman saw a need for shoes specifically designed for the demanding work of the local industries such as mining, logging and farming. His aim was to make hardwearing durable footwear, that was also comfortable to wear. 

Red Wing's are all made in the U.S to an exceptionally high standard using premium leather from their own tannery. They are handcrafted by experienced craftsman with the highest level of accuracy. 

"Leather cutting is a precise hands-on job that involves evaluating a leather hide and cutting from that hide specific pieces used to build a Red Wing boot. It is a job that requires a human touch and a discerning eye." 


"Since 1905, Red Wing Shoe Company has been making purpose-built work footwear. The skilled employees in our three U.S. factories build over 1.2 million pairs of shoes annually. Watch the video to see how their sense of pride and skill make the tools that support today's skilled craftsmen."

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