New Music Tuesday 06 - Chain of Flowers

A weekly feature here at The Great Divide Blog is our New Music Tuesday; introducing you to an artist or band you may not have heard of. We can’t guarantee that you won’t have heard of them, but if that’s the case, it might give you a little reminder to revisit them sometime soon.

This week we’re visiting Wales to introduce Chain of Flowers to you. The band is still very much in their youth, only forming and playing their first show just over a year ago but in that time, they’ve accomplished a great number of feats. Having already toured with Frank Carter-fronted Pure Love, Danish punks Ice Age and the awesome Make Do & Mend, as well as releasing a cassette and a seven inch, you could say the band have been pretty busy since their birth. Previously playing in various Welsh hardcore bands, such as Crossbreaker, Chain of Flowers have moved slightly away from the hardcore scene to develop their sound in a darker, more reverb-heavy and 80’s inspired way. They still remain firmly of the punk mentality though, which you can hear scattered throughout their songs, as well as influences from shoegaze and garage rock.

The thing I love about Chain of Flowers is how accomplished they are as such as youthful band. Each new release has shown so much progression in between and the fact that they sound completely unique when the reverb-y, shoegaze sound is becoming increasingly popular again is definitely an achievement. We recently caught up with the band to ask them a few questions about their progression in sound, the planned releases they have and the early days of the band. You can check that out below as well as their video for single ‘Sleep’ which I thoroughly recommend listening to.

TGD: Hi, could you introduce yourself and give us a little history of the band?
Hello my name is Daniel; I play bass in Chain of Flowers. We started the band at the tail end of 2011 and put out our first recordings in early 2012. Since then we've put out our first 7” single and played live quite relentlessly.

TGD: You toured with bands like Ice Age, Make Do and Mend, and Pure Love at very early points in the band’s history. How valuable was touring with established bands when you were still very much at early doors?
Daniel: We played our first show in May 2012 and the week after we were offered our first support tour, so it threw us right in the deep end but we were more than happy to get started so early on. We're always grateful for other bands asking us to play with them.

TGD: You guys have a past history of playing in mainly hardcore bands like Crossbreaker. What prompted the change in musical style? How different is it being in Chain of Flowers than it was being in hardcore bands?
Daniel: We were all friends from playing in and with each other’s bands and it became apparent from conversations that aside from hardcore we all shared a somewhat mutual interest in a wide array of styles. After a while of imagining what it would be like to do a band that combined our interests, we realised that we could do whatever we wanted and started writing almost instantly. The difference I'd say is that when we initially started there was no defined audience that we could launch our new band to, it was more just throwing these songs out in to the world and seeing what interest came back. It's actually worked out really well though, and I’m glad we did it our own way. We're all still interested and involved with hardcore though.

TGD: The ‘Sleep’ seven inch is nearly sold out. How have you found the reaction to the record, especially in terms of all your copies pretty much selling out?
It was more relief than anything else when the Sleep single came out because even at that point those songs were quite old to us. The reaction was really good, I’m glad they've sold well because there's nothing worse than having a bunch of records sat around gathering dust when the content doesn't suck.

TGD: You’ve got a cassette coming out soon on Swine Language. Can you give us any details on the release and what we can expect to hear from the new material?
It's going to be another two songs, recorded more primitively than the previous releases. It's a good indication of where we're headed musically. There's one of our new songs and a cover that we've been playing live for some time. It's a necessary release at this point because without giving too much away we're working towards something lengthier for the near future!

TGD: If you could give a reason why someone should check out the band, what would it be?
Daniel: Because you're not going to get a carbon copy rehash of something else.

TGD: Thank you for your time, any parting words?
Dropheads not bombs.

Thank you to Daniel for the interview.


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