Tyler the Creator - Tamale Music Video

Posted by Alex Bohea on October 09, 2013

I may not be that into Tyler’s music, or much of Odd Future to be honest, but one thing I cannot fault is their music videos. ‘Tamale’, however, is a track that is making me change my mind on the rapper. Always entirely creative with subtle undertones of brooding dark humour, previous videos for songs like ‘Yonkers’ and ‘IFHY’, have clearly stood out amongst similar genre videos. Now Tyler has directed and released a video for track ‘Tamale’ from his album ‘Wolf’. The ‘IFHY’ dollhouse style is back, this time featuring giant cats and Tyler trampolining on a woman’s behind. Oh, and a Pharrell cameo.

Obvious tones of America’s closed mind are seen in the video with a scene pixelated out due to Tyler’s opinion that the country wouldn’t be able to have an intelligent conversation about the blurred scene. The sobering mood continues towards the end of the video where Tyler talks about his Dad which is probably the most serious we’ve seen the rapper; the juxtaposition makes a fairly shocking but very well worked change in direction.

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