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New in at the Great Divide are the wonderful grooming products of Baxter of California. With masterful knowledge of the grooming business, Baxter’s range of hair, skin and shaving products come with the guarantee that after more than fifty years in the industry, they know exactly what they’re talking about.

Baxter Finley, the unsung father of the modern men’s skincare industry, founded the company in the mid 1960’s. After moving from New York to Los Angeles for a career in advertising, Finley noticed how rough his skin became from the constant heat and sun. Not wanting to settle for a moisturizer designed for women, he gave up his search and created his own, named Super Shape. This was his first line of grooming products, and the first created just for men. Settling on the name, Baxter of California, he launched the products from his Beverly Hills headquarters in 1965.

Super Shape turned out to be an incredible success which spurred Baxter on to create a larger range of men’s products including skin toner, night cream, soap and shaving cream. By the 1970’s, Baxter of California was a big deal, with his products being used by every celebrity of the time. This meant that Baxter of California developed a sterling reputation for producing premier products designed for men’s skincare needs and soon, every man from celebrity to the suburbs were using Finley’s products.

In 2000, Finley handed over to reigns to family friend Jean-Pierre Mastey. As a neighbour of Baxter, Jean-Pierre was knew the product well and was an entrepreneur sourcing trends and fashion for the Japanese market. With him being somewhat of a LA tastemaker, he was the key to bringing the brand into the future.

Grooming Guide from Baxter Finley Barber & Shop.

Today, Baxter of California has a modern look and feel with updated packaging, contemporary imagery and new, cutting-edge men’s products targeting the whole range of male skincare needs. Thanks to their merging of science and nature, the improved formulations mean their products are now of the highest quality and provide intelligent skincare solutions to anti-aging, shaving, cleansing and basic skincare. Not only content with skincare solutions, Baxter of California branched out to produce hair care and shaving products to become the all-round number one trusted men’s grooming company.

(From L to R: Oil Free Moisturiser (£20), Italian Lime Body Wash (£15), Pacific Soap (£8), Bergamot and Pear Body Wash (£15), Facial Scrub (£15))

You can now shop Baxter of California over at the store. We have a wide selection of their products, including moisturisers, body wash, soap and facial care. If you want your skin to look and feel the best, Baxter of California is the way to go.

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