Denim Demon

Denim Demon were founded in 2006 by three brothers, Oskar, Anton and Patric and their father Kjellåke. The brand draws its inspiration from the families Sami heritage; whether it be a button with embossed reindeer antlers, the three colours of South Sámi region, handmade horn features or just a simple red bar tack. The family’s roots come from Jämtland, a county 700 kilometres north of Stockholm in Sweden. Jamtland is one of the main counties that the Sami people call home; although they stretch across Norway, Finland, Russia and Sweden. The Sami are one of the largest indigenous cultures in Europe with a history dating back over 2000 years. Reindeer herding, handicrafts and handmade clothing are the basis of their culture. At the heart of the brand is heart and soul with an inherent pride in the their roots of their forefathers - built to last with style. A depth is now prevalent in the collection with cut ne sew sitting alongside TOP quality denim. .