Fidelity Peacoats


Fidelity Sportswear was established in Boston, Massachusetts in 1941 in a small loft in a 4 story building with a total of 3,500 sq ft. The present owners, Gerald and Stewart Webber, trace their involvement back to the late 60’s where their father Edward, a partner in the company, had them working in the factory during their early teenage years. It was during these early years that both Gerald and Stewart learned the manufacturing of outerwear through the entire process, from cutting of a garment to the shipping of a finished product.

From the original 3500 sq ft loft area in Boston, Fidelity has made a few moves to increase space, and currently has an 85,000 sq ft building in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts where they have been for over 30 years. Under this one roof, all the manufacturing, from receipt of raw materials, cutting of fabric, stitching, pressing, and inspection, through shipping worldwide is accomplished.

Fidelity’s outerwear distribution has increased over these 70 years from selling Navy Pea and Navy Bomber jackets to the United States military to being a worldwide company with distribution in North America, Asia, and Europe. Even with this growth, the “family business” is directed by both Gerald and Stewart, who are involved in all aspects of the business in a “hands on” manner.

Wool is the primary outer shell in our fall garment collection and is purchased in North America from specialty Wool Melton producers such as Woolrich and Victor Woolen Mills.