Harry Stedman


Founded in 2011, Harry Stedman is a contemporary menswear brand based in London, England. Their brand champions key facets of classic American and European attire, actively blending old with new to achieve a modern style that resonates with today’s discerning gent.

In the pursuit of truly timeless style they secure only the finest fabrics and have forged valuable relationships with leading domestic and international manufacturers. They pride themselves on the quality and durability of their clothing, designing with the utmost care and an unwavering attention to detail. 

This clothing not only represents great creative and emotional investment, but also a grand recognition of the achievements of our forebears, who hail from both sides of the Atlantic. They respectfully look to the past to inform our designs, employing a particular, but not exclusive, focus on the 1950s and 60s.   

They aim not to replicate garments of past, but rather create new, exciting clothing that demonstrates skill and forward-thinking vision.

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