LF Markey


LF Markey is a fashion company founded by Louise Markey. Its signature style is that of minimalism, bold colours and shapes, comfort and natural fibres, understated luxury, high-quality manufacture and a sense of play.

Australian-born Louise Markey was trained at Central Saint Martins, graduating with a Masters of Fashion Design in 2008. That same year she made her catwalk debut with LF Markey becoming the runner-up at the Fashion Fringe Festival and launching her successful shirt line. In 2012, Markey was invited to launch her menswear line with London’s prestitigious Fashion East program.

Since then, LF Markey has been invited to speak at the New Yorker Festival, create a diffusion line for online retailer Asos, and to distribute her shirts under licence in the Far East. In addition, Louise is also the Head of Womenswear design for LVMH shirtmakers, Thomas Pink.

From London, to Paris, Seoul and Sydney, the designer is widely lauded for her ability to reinterpret wardrobe staples through distortion of shapes and intricate finishing.

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