Royall Lyme Bermuda

Royall Lyme Bermuda was founded by Mr. Anthony Gaade in 1957, as he felt the need to capture the essence and spirit of Bermuda in a fragrance line of aromatic products to share with the island and the rest of the world.

The Royall Lyme fragrance is made from West Indian limes that are washed with pure island rains in a recipe that traces it's origin to a very old Caribbean formula. This secret formula is made from a total of 78 ingredients, resulting in a cool, zestful and refreshing fragrance.

Royall Lyme, was heartily endorsed by former Bermuda Governor, Sir Edwin Leather and was presented to the British Royal Family on their last official visit to Bermuda. In 1960, when Royall Lyme was introduced at Brooks Brothers New York, it was an unqualified smash hit. The fragrance is still sold there today. Not long after, Royall Lyme went international to London, Milan, and beyond.

Following Royall Lyme, Mr. Gaade created other fragrances which capture the essence of Bermuda. Royall Spyce, Royall Bay Rhum and Royall Muske. The Royall Mandarin fragrance joined the other successful family scents in 2001 followed by Royall Vetiver in 2006 and finally Royall Rugby in 2011.