Since 1985, Yuketen visionary Yuki Matsuda has championed the classic inspired brand of footwear and luggage to considerable global acclaim. Amidst Yuki’s tireless quest for quality and authenticity he has paid homage to skilled craftsmanship and tradition by discovering rare handmade examples of leather artifacts from all over the world. While Yuketen remains steadfast as an American brand, Yuki’s constant global travels have destined him to befriend some of the most talented and exacting artisans of leather, footwear, and luggage in regions throughout the world resulting in rewarding collaborative teamwork unrestricted by political borders. Incited by excellence and multiple generations of experience, these workers’ genuine human nature and precise skills rival the pure beauty of their ornate works. Yuketen is the culmination of inspired heritage, boldness of character, and vigorous spirit enlivened by the hands and hearts of these men and women, our respected predecessors.

Each Yuketen article begins with utmost thought and research and is constructed solely by aged hands of high-skill and years of experience. Yuketen’s meticulous quality and artistic aesthetic is a testimony to the achievements of these skilled and dedicated hands. Proven shoemaking techniques employed by Yuketen craftsmen include American moccasin construction, Goodyear welt construction, Norwegian welt construction, and sidewall-stitch sneaker construction. Careful consideration is invested in selecting all components and raw materials for Yuketen articles. Our soft, supple, naked leathers tanned and curried by the most respected leather makers in the world are instrumental to ensure longevity and durability of our products to faithfully withstand the test of time. Yuketen utilizes specialized soling components such as Vibram custom-made outsoles and Cortina Italian Alpine trekking outsoles as unique and functional foundations. Conceptual design elements such as Giugiaro design hooks and pinked leather welt are artfully incorporated while lamb-soft virgin American wool affords unparalleled warmth and comfort amidst a chilly winter frost
The final touches that complete a Yuketen product are the lifework of the owner; folds, creases, scuffs, and scratches from hard wearing, fingerprints, footprints, or the shiny patina from constant contact with one’s skin. These physical rewards exist permanently as traces of reliable service in the line of duty.

Yuketen pride is derived from the knowledge that our footwear and luggage are the envy of every man with a spirit of adventure. The proof can be found at Yuketen stockists throughout the world. May you enjoy the products of our labor wherever your journey takes you….