Proper Magazine - Issue 15

Proper Magazine - Issue 15


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The Club and Country Issue


- Casual Connoisseur Favourite Fives 
- Summer Sweatshirt selection 
- Huge interview with sweatshirt obsessives Good Measure 
- Extensive Ed Piskor Interview, featuring his amazing hip hop cartoons 
- Ten page adidas feature on why the brand with three stripes is making us like football, with Michael Richardson, Phil Thornton and illustrations from Peter O'Toole 
- 30 years of shirt - the best shirts from every World Cup from '82 onwards 

- Nightclub stories from yesteryear X

As always the guys from Proper have released a belter of a magazine. Stockports finest export if you will. This 128 page beauty has articles on all sorts of interesting stuff. You'd be a fool to miss it