TSPTR Dancin Snoopy Sweatshirt Green


  • £31.50
  • £79.00

Christmas has come early with this Pre-Spring 2016 collection from TSPTR

During the mid 1960' s Charles Schulz appointed the first Peanuts license for clothing and apparel to the athletic-wear manufacturer Spruce. Peanuts was already a smash hit all across America and Spruce captured the Peanuts ethos perfectly with their brightly coloured sweatshirts, each depicting a single character with a slogan on the back.

The sweatshirts went on to become extremely popular all over the world and original vintage versions now reach a lot of money, especially in Japan.

For this capsule range TSPTR have recreated the Spruce sweatshirt using the exact same weight and construction and most importantly the same colour palette and de- signs featuring the 1960’s period artworks drawn by Schulz.

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