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Based in South Korea, Eastlogue was established in 2011. Eastlogue strive to present abiding value with honest integrity, crafted all their goods in Korea. With inspiration from their archive of traditional sportswear, hunting, fishing, hiking and military, their goal is to keep those values and also provide modern silhouette that are timeless.

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The Dubbleware Apples Collection draws inspiration from a legendary item found within the brand's extensive workwear archive. Amidst the familiar railroad stripes, indigo denim, and diverse twills, this particular garment truly shines. Even in their early 20th-century heyday, the aged Apple repeat print must have been an even more captivating standout.

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Meet ANGLAN - the South Korean brand that's redefining fashion with its signature balloon pants and classic staples. ANGLAN isn't just a clothing brand; it's a way of life. With their "Clothes Show New Style" philosophy, they inspire customers to be confident, and unique and express their individuality. Renowned for its quality and creativity, ANGLAN has become a go-to choice for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.



Designed and crafted in Korea, Frizmworks is a brand that's committed to making apparel full of detail and quality.

Frizm is a combination of the words 'Freeze' and 'Prism', giving their brand a slogan “Now we are going to freeze all prism colours in the world.”Adopting an ethos of '100% Satisfaction', they never disappoint.



With a focus of tradition and American craftsmanship, Pendleton have been weaving world-class woollen garments and accessories in their two Pacific Northwest mills for more than 100 years. The brand is founded on an intimate knowledge of the wool business – from fibre to fabric. Whether it’s a wool garment, wool fabric, or a wool blanket, Pendleton offers over 100 years of unrivalled expertise, imagination and dedication to quality.

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